Friday, September 5, 2008

Into the Kragmore!

I had problems with Windows Movie Maker while finnishing up the first attempt of going through the Kragmore. The fotage was over an hour long so I guess that's the reason it messed up. It said that thier was an argument or somthing with the settings. I don't remember what exacly but it was along the lines of that. Anyway, I fortunately had a save before the Kragmore and did it in half the time the second time. I also found Blackwing eggs, that I was able to locate with the help of a PNG map I found on Gamefaqs. I never got more than the three you find in Surdana, which everyone knows about.

This level is the level featured in the Official Playstation Magazine Demo when it came out long ago. It featured a behind the scenes video too. Maybe the lisens are expiored and I'll upload a capture of that soon.

Some bad news here, I attempted the cave with the skelenton puzzle out side of it in a video not too long ago. I got my ass kicked a few times till I desided to try it later with better equipment. I whent back to the cave to do this weeks video, but it was sealed! So now I can't ever go back in it. Fortunately it wasn't an elemental blade, just some sword called the "Clineschmidt" blade, or somthing. Go look it up in the faq... Hold up, I looked i up and pressing the same button 3 times resets it. I'll try that.

Otherwise that's it.

BIT OF TRIVIA The blade Clineschmidt is a refferance to lead designer Todd Clineschmidt at Surreal Software!