Friday, February 19, 2010

Polish Subtittles!

Polish subtitles are now available for videos 1-10 of the Drakan playthrough! If you don't want them there, click on the little box at the bottom right of the videos and uncheck them. Also, a 2 part video of an online match in Battlefield: Bad Company is up. Played on the RU side. The match ended in victory. I managed to get 13 kills with only 3 deaths, granted I was in the light tank for a good amount of time, it was still a good match for me! Go watch here. A match in Bad Company 2 will be up shortly.

Oh! Be sure to fallow me on Twitter if you want to stay updated with what I'm playing, or doing on the channel.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Now I have a Twitter, yes a Twitter... really!

Yep, I made a Twitter because I thought people would care what I'm playing, or what I think, haha, well if you wanna fallow me or whatever, go right ahead, maybe this will be fun? At least you'll be able to know why it's taking me so long to get anything new up ha!

MattsGameplay on Twitter.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bad Company 2 and God of War Collection

I played the multiplayer demo of Battlefield 2: Bad Company last night, and was overwhelmed at first. They changed a lot of the controls around. Now the knife if on R2, and to change a weapon is now triangle! By the way I’m playing on PS3 if you haven’t noticed by now. Not only were the controls shuffled around, but the game just felt a lot more… heavier to me. Like the movement of the character was, well it was like you were running through knee-high water. Or pudding even, if you’re the kind of person where analogies make you hungry. I got the hang of it after a while, and found myself loving the medic kit, or class, or whatever. I love giving amateur snipers health and reviving them every five minutes because they never stay in cover. And I know if I wasn’t playing a medic, there wouldn’t be anyone to revive or give me health like I do for them! Which kinda sucks when thinking about it, but mostly everyone is a mechanic, like, 80% of the time the camera goes in to show me my killer, it’s a mechanic! Well, I got a lot of points, and a crap ton of metals, most of who’s purpose I couldn’t determine. There’s just too much stuff to read now, especially coming from 1943. But hey, it looks like all my friends might be getting it, so I won’t have to play alone that much, hopefully.

Speaking of playing alone, I’ve actually went back to single player games for a while. I’ve been playing God of War 1 from the PS3 GoW Collection. I’m at the battle with Ares, and have gone through the game on hard difficulty for the first time! The first time I beat the game I switched to easy from normal when facing the first of the Cerberus dogs. This time I just used the medusa head and broke it to pieces! I feel kinda cocky getting through the game on hard mode; it is a hard game to start off with, right? Also, I got the trophy for the thing in Hades, whatever it was, and I’ve heard that was supposed to be crazy difficult? Oh, speaking of trophies, I’m at 8 hours now so I have to beat the game again to get the 5 hour completion trophy, which should be easy just doing it again of easy, and not bothering with all the extra chests. Oh, one last thing, the trophy for maxing out all the weapons, yeah, should you be able to get it one the first play through, because I am at Ares, and I have like two or three weapons still at level 2, so… I don’t think I missed any chests, and I killed every enemy! I don’t remember not being able to max out all the weapons the first time I finished it… I don’t know. That’ll suck having to beat it a third time. I want to finish #2 before three comes out too. Oh well… All for me know, Primal is being slowly chipped at, I’ll be done… some time. Maybe before the end of spring break. I’m just so lazy when it comes to editing the damn footage. I mean I can sit there and play it for the one or two hours, but splitting it all into ten or eleven 10 minute videos is a pain, and then I have to render and upload each of them, so that’s like a whole day for three videos… I don’t remember Drakan kicking my ass like this, and that was a 99 part play through!

...ok enough, later for real this time.