Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drakan: The Ancient's Gates, Part 1

This is the old action RPG game I played waaay before Oblivion. It was the first Dragon riding simultor too I think. Here Rynn and the soon to come Arokh are on a mission to restore the order of the flame and reactivate the mother's eye, so they can awaken the Dragon Mother... lost you? Well watch the intro here. Also, the ol' "kill all the spiders in the bacment" quest.
Oh, and at the end, I seem to get lost... I was going to edit it out, but screw it. I'll have parts 2 and 3 up before you know it. I'm playing a half an hour a day, and started Saturday I think. Stay tuned, and tell your friends, your geek friends at least...

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