Monday, April 21, 2008

Changes here...

No posts for awhile. I've moved the video part to my Youtube site and am only going to do commentary on the videos here. So go to the Youtube site for the videos, come here for comments on my progress and other opinions on the game(s).

Next game will be Primal, I'll start playing it when I'm done with Drakan, which won't be for a long while actually, Drakan is a long and hard game. I've been spending all my gold in that game for potions. It'll probably be June when I get done with Drakan.

No videos yet, I haven't played Drakan for a while now, college...

22-24 will be up by Friday, I'm doing 1 3o minute session at a time and slitting it up into 3 segments every time to fit Youtube restrictions.

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