Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Drakan is COMPLETE!

I beat Drakan last night, and will have up to three videos up by tonight, and will finish editing the last few videos, and have them uploaded by Friday. Thanks to all who have watched commented and subscribed to my first playthrough. I will have a poll for people to vote for the next game I'll play. I hope everyone has a great winter holiday, and play allot of games!

Here's a little present to all who read my blog and watch my videos.

Inside the zip folder are three game saves for Fallout 3 that will give you four free trophies in a couple seconds. All you have to do is get them onto your PS3 by help with a flash drive or memory card, which will show up when you look under the game section on the XMB. Then copy all three onto he HDD, and play them. From in the game all you have to do to get the trophies is go inside Agatha's house, give her the viol en. Doing this will give you the trophy for completing "Agatha's Song". If you do this for all three game saves, you'll also level up to level 20, and get a trophy for doing so with evil, neutral and good karma. Booyah! Four free trophies! All because you read my blog. No, thank you. Merry... winter holiday.

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