Thursday, June 18, 2009

inFamous Videos up

I've uploaded three inFAMOUS videos to the channel, one is a side mission that I though was particularly kick ass, a little video showing an Easter egg alluding to Sly Cooper, and one which is almost a gameplay video showing me getting the Cole costume for Playstation Home. I don't know, I felt compelled to record that... anyway, I'm sure allot of you 120+ subscribers, or at least 12 of you who read this, are pissed that I've yet to continue the Star Wars: Episode 1 gameplay videos, and have been uploading these dumb videos instead. Okay, I haven't even beat it yet, BUT I plan to tomorrow, at the earliest! So look forward to maybe even three videos tomorrow to kick this playthrough in gear. There's only three or four levels left, so it's almost over. Stay tuned!!

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