Wednesday, November 25, 2009


OK, I got my computer back, and everything is gone. Aww, no big deal, just a bunch of crap on there anyway. So here's the thing, I was lazy to edit some footage for Primal so I lost a bit of it in there. I may have to start over so I can recapture the footage of the part I already did back then. So yes, I think I am going to finish the game. Also, I have some new (old) games I'm planning to do playthroughs for. I want to get back into the streak I had going during Drakan; multiple videos up in a week. First I'll have to build up a back log so I can get ahead of myself and fall back on videos when I don't have time to play any further. Also, apparently lack of memory isn't a problem anymore, so I'll be able to save the videos under better quality! WEEEE! See you soon.

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