Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Red Dead Story

Hey it’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. Not much going on with me, really. I’m still doing the Primal play through, but I’m sure you already knew that. I’ve been trying to keep it consistent, one video a week. I’ve been wanting to kick it up to three, like I was able to do in my Drakan play through, so I could get it out of the way. It just takes so long to get a ten minute video up on YouTube. Anyway, yay videogames.

I’ve been slowly finishing up Red Dead Redemption, and dabbling in the multiplayer. It’s kinda boring running around and picking flowers. There’s only so much fun going from gang hideout to gang hideout. The hunting is almost pointless. The multiplayer matches are ok. I do have a story for that.

I was playing “hold your own”, basically capture the flag, but with a bag, but with two flags... err, I mean bags. Anyway you have to capture three of the enemies’ bags to win. This match started out with a shoot out, as the game types usually do. I never could do well at these, but this time I had the head shot down. In a fraction of a second, I shot the hat off of my opponent, and was able to finish the second of the three off, leaving me the last survivor of the shoot out. I was able to hear the first guy I downed exclaim “Oh my god” over his mic. I couldn’t believe it.

Now the match started. Everyone was busy shooting each other, totally distracted. Now, being as humble as possible, I was kicking ass in the previous matches where killing the other team mattered, up to 10 kills and 4 deaths, being the highest scoring player of the match once! But in hold your own, only the bags matter. Everyone else, however, seemed content with shooting everyone else’s face off. This is where I made my move.

Getting on my horse, I rode over to the enemy base, took the bag, and made a beeline straight for our drop-off. BAM! My first capture. No sweat, only one guy got in my way, and I gave him a free haircut. Now for the second bag. Some player got lucky and drilled holes through my back on the way to the enemy base, but I got back in the game, got on my horse again, and got the second back home safe. This was it, I was going to win the game single handedly. I was in the enemy base. A guy came straight at me, bag, bag, dead. He was out of the way, now the bag. I loaded up, and made for our base. I was close enough to the enemy I downed that I was able to hear him alert his fellow team-mates that “he got the bag”. I was so existed! There was no one in sight. The bag was in the bag, as I came through the gate of our base, I DID IT! Boom, loading screen. What the f@ck?? John Marstin stood center screen. Single player… I had lost connection. FUCK WIFI.

Other than that, the free roam has been the main staple of multiplayer, and so far I’ve been disappointed, but that’s probably because all the people on my friends list have gone back to Modern Warfare (boo!) before anyone learned how to properly play it, not to mention the co-op add-on content coming up. I’ll probably never play free roam with another person I know, which will segue into my rant.

F@cking Modern Warfare! All anyone on my friends list EVER plays is CoD4. When ever a new game comes out, it’s exciting to see everyone play it, especially if I got the game too. I’ll even be lucky enough to get a match going with someone I “know”, but then a week later, everyone is back to CoD4, and I’m left playing the new game by myself, or with strangers. No one plays Bad Company 2 anymore. No one plays Red Dead Redemption online. It’s all CoD4. It’s depressing. I wish knew more than three people on my friends list, and I wish they played more than once a week. Damn CoD…

Oh, and Broken Steel for Fallout 3, woohoo....

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