Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Drakan comming your way!

Now that finals are wrapping up, I'll have more time to play Drakan, and hopefully finish it!

Sorry I missed so many weeks.


Rômulo said...

Hey Matt, you are doing a great job...Congratulations!
Just one thing, do oyu know about the mournbringer, the most powerful sword? Please add me on MSN if you have, my e-mail is roh_ventrella@hotmail.com, to we talk about the game, i have a lot of information about the game.

Rômulo said...

Hey Matt, me again lol....
I took the mournbringer in this moment very good that sword (30AP, 500/500, and "steal" the enemies life),you have to take it too.
I'm finishing the Valley of the Fallen now...

Rômulo said...

Hey Matt, i have finished Drakan The Ancients' Gates right now, very kind but you have to had a lot of invulnerability potion
see you