Thursday, March 12, 2009

Star Wars: Episode 1 Playthrough

I'm doing a playthrough of the PS1 game Star Wars: Episode 1 The Phantom Menace. This may be ten or less videos long, and take a few days to beat in real time. So far I've played it for three days, and have edited and uploaded three videos. So far that's one and a half hour, and I have two more hours to edit left.

This is another one of those save state games, like Drakan, where if you die you go back to the place and time you last saved. So far I have forgot to save in plenty of occasions, and have had to redo an entire level again. We're so spoiled with autosave, I think, that we don't take it for granite. I always forget to save, and this game is hard at times.

I'm almost at Tatooine, my favorite part in the game. This is going to be fun if I remember all of the secrets I found when I played the hell out of this game back in the day.

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