Friday, April 3, 2009

New Videos Up

Part 9 of the Star Wars: Episode playthrough is up now. It's been going by slowly, mostly because I'm so lazy when it comes to uploading videos, of editing them, at the least. I finally got out of Theed, and am heading to Tatooine, my favorite part of the game. I sat down and recorded an hour of footage a few weeks ago, so I won't have to play for a while, as I can just sit on and continue editing the footage into three or four videos. I haven't even started on Tatooine, yet, but I have been trying to get back into playing the game. It's just a hassle to have to record footage and try the same part over and over again. The latest video I uploaded, part 9, I edited out fifteen minutes of me continuously dying, over and over again. I hate those destroyer droids!

I'll try to get myself to sit down and continue the game some time over the week end maybe. Thanks for watching, and I might upload some of my failed attempts at certain parts for comedic value. :P

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