Saturday, May 16, 2009

Star Wars part 18

I did the second part of Tatooine in the wrong order. You see, first you're supposed to go see Jaba at the first part of the level, then that leads you to Watto's box, to make the bet. I went for Watto first, and if you see him before you got the money from Jaba, Watto tells you to get the money, but when you leave the doors to him lock shut, so you have to start the level over again. So I did... and the fight at Jaba's is alto easier then I thought when I played through the game before. I've beat the monster three times now, and only died on the first try. I'm going to try to fix part 18 and 19 by doing them again, so be patient. I'll try to get the next parts up more regularly.

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