Sunday, April 12, 2009

Part 10 of Episode 1 going up now!

I'm uploading part 10 of Star Wars: Episode 1, and boy was editing that video in a way that it made sense was a pain. I died so many times in that video that of the hour of raw footage I recorded, half of it was cut! Amidala kept dying, I kept dying, damn those droids! Well, I'm at Tatooine now, and have almost beat Mos Espa in the one sitting I played it last week! I'll have one more video in Theed, then it'll delve into the footage of Tatooine.

Plenty of people have added me on PSM (Darthjak) because I showed my screen name on the Fallout 3: Platinum Trophy video. Maybe over five people, now. Wow! I never thought I'd have so many people on my friends list. I'll have to do something to get a game going with some of you. Speaking of that, I tried GTA 4 online for the first time Friday. I thought I'd never play it online, but it was fun. Needless to say I died allot of times, but was pretty good at it at the same time. Maybe some of you would like to get a game going with me? Send me an invite when you see me playing.

I also play Metal Gear Online, If you want to add me on there. My user name is Berzerkerwolf.

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