Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Battlefield 1943.... ALMOST

I've been wanting a new game for a while now, maybe something online. I do have Warhawk, but that game aggravates me, and I may never play it again. Metal Gear Online is full of crap, and I may never boot that up again. So that's pretty much all I have in the way of online games.

A few weeks ago I watched the good people at 1up play the game on one of their "Game Night" events, and it looked pretty fun. I waited for it to come out, growing eager every time I looked through my game collection for something exciting to play, but because most of the games I own are slow paced, or have been beaten, I ended up not playing anything after all. I wanted to play something exciting, and maybe online, and Battlefield 1943 looked to be the right answer.

I downloaded the demo of the game, and ended up being quite good at it, ending up as the top or top three in my team in the way of points and kills! I liked the game, it was fun and exciting, just what I wanted. I really liked playing as the Japanese, getting into the character of a sneaky scout. OK, so it was final, I was going to get this game, and I might be good at it!

Eventually I found out that the game was out, and I looked through the Best Buy ads for the game, but evidently the game was only available through digital distribution, a bit of a laugh at my self fallowed. OK, so let's go buy it I said to my self. So I waited the tree days it takes Paypal to ad funds from a bank account, and I finally bought it today! So far I can hardly play it AT ALL. I started slow with the tutorial, but plunged into the online play, and here's where it got unplayable.

Every time I spawn, I have about five seconds of running until I get killed. Now this might sound like a noob whining, but here's a scenario that kept ruining the game for me, though out the whole time I played it today. First I would span, run a bit, and die. OK, I spawn again, maybe I'll go off the path to avoid running into enemies. OK, so I'll run up this hill, um... I'm back at the bottom of the hill... OK that was weird. Let's try again. OK so now we're running up the... OK now we're at the bottom again, wtf? OK, let's try this a third time! OK, no enemies up here, let's capture this base. Now where's the flag... OK, I ran right through that wall, that was... why am I AT THE BOTTOM OF THE HILL AGAIN?! I just ran up there three times! Wtf? Now I'm dead, and no one killed me??! The hell? Fine! Let's try this again, spawn, BOOM! Dead... OK... What? I was signed out of PlayStation Network? I turn it off and leave the room...

You see, the problem most of the time was that I was constantly jumping from forward, or backwards. Sometimes right though walls! I could never just run to a place without over shooting it, or be warped ten feet back from where I ran to! I don't know if this was only happening to me, because I saw planes STOP in mid air, only to be jettisoned forward a few seconds later. Maybe I'm getting bad lag, or maybe it's the damn wifi router crapping out. It constantly disconnects when I'm trying to do something! Right now, as I write this diatribe, the Internet notification has chimed three times! WTF is wrong with this damn router? I want to play the game I just bought, but the Internet is always crapping out, either if it's raining, where it's out completely, or just randomly disconnecting.

Anybody out there know what's wrong here? Otherwise I'm thinking of hunting for Pirates: The Legend of Black Kat... or playing something else. I guess I'll make a video about the choices......

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